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Our mission is to promote the access of the Latin American population to cannabinoid-based medicinal products developed and produced with pharmaceutical rigor, abiding by the laws of each country.

Verdemed Care filled this space with information, knowledge, products, and services. We believe these are the fundamental premises for people who may benefit from cannabinoid therapies and must find reliable products at fair prices while being able to make conscious, calm, and unbiased choices.

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We have prepared a wide variety of content and an interaction channel for everyone interested in the theme.


Knowledge in the form of access to research, training, interaction, and tools that make the daily life of the medical community and other health professionals easier.


We work to enable an effective improvement in the quality of life of those who need cannabis medicines.

Understanding medical cannabis

Although the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes was first registered before the Common Era, it was not until the 1990s that the plant gained the interest of the international scientific community.

How can patients have access to medical cannabis in Brazil?

Since 2015, Brazilian patients have been able to get authorization from Anvisa to import the products needed for their treatment.

About VerdeMed

Health benefits to millions of patients in Latin America

VerdeMed is a Canadian company that has as its mission to facilitate the access of medicines based on cannabidiol to physicians and patients in Latin America.

We formulate cannabinoid products available in Canada, Europe, and the United States, approved by their respective regulatory agencies and with clinical trials conducted worldwide to supply the Latin American market within the legal paths available in each country.

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